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Wrap Vinyl - at Cyclone Graffix we use only the top rated vinyl in the industry. Not only do we use the best vinyl we use the right vinyl for the application.  There are many vinyl manufacturers and hundreds of vinyl types. Each one with unique and specific to different types of applications.  We do not use cheaper vinyl because they are not made with the same quality as vinyl such as 3M and Avery Dennison. There are many considerations when selecting a vinyl for each wrap. We look at curves and contours, how long the customer wants the wrap to last and the environment the vehicle will be in.

Wrap Printing - We use eco-solvent inks on a large format printer that delivers unsurpassed quality. Our printer delivers photo-realistic images at high resolution. While there are other types of ink out there, eco-solvent ink delivers more vibrant colors and sharper images. The type of printer and ink  used is just as important as the vinyl is it printed on. When getting custom printed images for your vinyl wrap don't settle for less.

Wrap Installation - So now you have an awesome image printed on the best vinyl however none of that matters if it is not installed correctly. The installation is another crucial step in the overall appearance and longevity of a wrap. Not all installations are the same. You want an installer that knows how to read the curves and contours of the vehicle. Our attention to detail is unparalleled.

Wrap Design - Our designs take the vehicle being wrapped into consideration. We know how the wrap will be installed, how to avoid seams and how to design the wrap for ease of installation. If we are designing a commercial wrap we will work with the customer to make to design a wrap that will get you noticed and get your message across. Custom designs for personal wraps are designed to bring out the personality of the owner and their vehicle. Our goal is our motto: Get Noticed! Get Wrapped!

Full Wraps - We consider a full wrap to be a wrap that covers the majority of the vehicle using either color-change vinyl or digitally printed vinyl. Typically a full wrap covers the doors, hood, fenders, quarter panels, trunk and roof on cars. Typically the roof is not wrapped on trucks, SUVs and vans,

Partial Wraps - We consider a partial wrap to be a wrap covers only a portion of the vehicle. This type of wrap can include doors and quarter panels which are an a budget friendly way to install a commercial wrap. However, partial wraps can be a creative way to stylize your vehicle with color-change vinyl.

Roofs and Accents - We can add an accent color to you vehicle by wrapping your roof, bumper, license plate inset, spoiler, mirrors, gas cap and door handles,

Stripes - We can add racing stripes, rally stripes, accent stripes and black out kits to customize your car or truck. We can create custom decals too.

How Much Does a Wrap Cost? We get that question numerous times everyday. We wish we it were just as simple as knowing the year, make and model of your car but it is far from that. Getting your vehicle wrapped is a big decision and we want it to be an informed decision. All of these factors outlined above play a big part in the cost of a wrap. We want the opportunity to find out exactly what you are looking for in a wrap and explain to you what we do and what makes Cyclone Graffix different from some other wrap shops. There are so many variables that effect the price of a wrap it is not a simple "one size fits all" and it's these variables that affect the price of the wrap and all us to adjust to meet your budget.


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